We are the workplace management solutions provider company, that supports the best companies across the Middle East.


We have the local expertise and global standards to offer our clients services and solutions that improve workplace productivity and supports their success.




With nearly 50-years of experience and a staff complement of 14,000 industry professionals, Tsebo is the most innovative, experienced and capable food management and preparation service provider across the Middle East. We have operations in every economic sector, from mines and industrial plants to hospitals, schools and the dining rooms of blue-chip corporates and government institutions. Tsebo provides fresh, nutritious, and well-balanced meals that drive productivity and wellness. We operate at the highest international levels of quality, taste and hygiene and provide a constantly changing menu with international and ethnic choices.

Our catering division is divided into distinct businesses, each positioned to serve a specific market segment – premium, mainstream and mass-market. This segmented model allows us to deliver the right kind of catering for different sectors or elements of a single business.