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Over 30 years’ experience across 28
countries, delivering integrated camp
management solutions for camps housing up
to 5,000 people, often in inaccessible


Tsebo is the leading established remote site and workplace management solutions provider, providing integrated solutions to camps and mining operations.

Mining operations exist in rural, often remote locations. These massive capex operations are highly sensitive to production disturbances, which can create risk to investors and local communities. Large remote sites require world-class, integrated workplace management solutions.
Quality of processes and systems is critical. Without thorough, tested processes, the entire operation is placed under risks such as food safety, access control and disease and/or infection. These issues are more severe in remote locations where help is limited or far away. A remote camp operator literally has the lives of the staff in their care. Health and Safety and quality standards training are paramount, and are a core requirement of Tsebo’s industry solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a central requirement, and Tsebo is skilled in developing local-to-source supply chains within client communities. The result is real transformations of these communities through training and development, and small business empowerment.

Localisation is an imperative, and Tsebo not only invests in communities, but our local content sourcing is responsible for over 90% of total procurement. Thus, a Tsebo solution provides community beneficiation, creating harmonious relationships and improved productivity on-site.

Tsebo has the experience across geographies, cultures, languages and commodities to support any mining operation.