We are the workplace management solutions provider company, that supports the best companies across the Middle East.


We have the local expertise and global standards to offer our clients services and solutions that improve workplace productivity and supports their success.




The Tsebo Solutions Group is a responsible, ethical organisation. We care about all our stakeholders - our staff, clients, communities, shareholders and the environment.

We have an important role to play in improving the lives of our communities, and we provide opportunities for their success in the future, as captured in our Tsebo purpose statement: WE DEVELOP PEOPLE, TO SERVE PEOPLE, TO UPLIFT SOCIETY.

Therefore, it is our prerogative to actively invest in the development of our people. Through our in-house Tsebo Skills Academy (that trains thousands of industry staff annually) to our structured programmes, management development scheme and post-graduate business school education for senior and middle managers, we UPLIFT our employees, enabling them to thrive in their careers, live the Tsebo values (Integrity, Caring, Enterprising and Diligent) and to be proud ambassadors for our brand.


Our global standards across operational delivery, health and safety, financial management, operational procedures, business transparency, tax and regulatory compliance, labour management ethics and governance, skills building and use of technology all enable us to deliver the highest quality services and provide clients with absolute confidence.

Tsebo’s Governance and Ethical Compliance Framework subscribes to the European SAPIN II Laws on transparency, anti-corruption and compliance, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as well as the King IV Governance Statutes and UN Global Compact Principles.

Our compliance statement instils ethical business practices in every aspect of its operations, with a zero-tolerance staff policy on any form of dishonest behaviour. Employee calls to our outsourced, anonymous ethics hotline are handled at Board level for immediate investigation. This rule applies across all Tsebo operations.

We constantly improve our internal control processes and environment - financial, legal and auditing - to ensure that we maintain leading standards of practice in monitoring internal compliance.

Tsebo’s Social Ethics Transformation Committee (SETC) oversees the Group’s alignment to global King IV Codes of Good Corporate Governance on responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency; the UN Global Compact Principles on human rights, labour, environment and corruption; and local legislation and industry charters.



Tsebo takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously and takes every opportunity to improve its operations to minimise any harmful impact. New practices are constantly innovated to reduce emissions and wastage, responsible consumption is practiced across all core operations, and Tsebo promotes the use of environmentally friendly products and materials in all its core operations.
  • Our catering operations adhere to a strict code of environmental conduct, managing their carbon footprints and providing encouragement and support for client initiatives that seek to minimise impact on the environment.
  • Our cleaning practices are structured in order to minimise chemical waste and environmental harm, while our ISO 9000 Facilities Management standards deliver environmentally sound services.
  • Through our Energy division, we make every effort to reduce energy consumption at our existing operations and in our wider market portfolio.
  • We run employee environmental awareness programmes and we have a mandatory supply chain environmental policy revision to ensure alignment with the Group’s carbon footprint targets.
  • Our hygiene programme improvement campaign is externally audited, and its Star Grading Programme annually reviewed to ensure that the scope of its environmental evaluation is consistently broadened.
  • Tsebo follows a policy of open disclosure to public stakeholders, government bodies and interest groups on its environmental performance.


At Tsebo, we believe that the health, safety and wellness of our customers, employees and our communities, come first. We adhere to the highest standards of health and safety across all our divisions, which keeps our colleagues safe and builds loyalty and commitment to Tsebo among our employees and customers.

Our ISO 18001 OHSAS Framework incorporates 250+ safety procedures, 50,000 hours of Health and Safety training annually, and +5 million hours of Health and Safety experience. We have extensive experience in working in hostile, dangerous environments daily, with minimum incidents, which has given us the knowledge and expertise to keep our customers and our employees safe.

We support the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993. To ensure compliance in our business with this legislation, we engage in continuous training on accident prevention and constantly update our Good Manufacturing Practices, in accordance with the latest practices in this field. Over and above all of this, we have an internal team that audits operational practices on Occupational Health and Safety in order to drive continuous improvement.



The Tsebo Quality Management Framework ensures quality in all meanings – consistency, measurability, reliability, punctuality, productivity, safety, health, sustainable value creation, wellbeing and more. We are obsessed with the management of Quality Systems across all our business divisions.

Our ISO 9001 quality system delivers precision and reliability over distributed, large-scale operations. We continuously audit and monitor our entire value chain, by making use of independent internal auditing and control teams, external quality assessments by industry auditing leaders, scientific analysis and even real-time information and data systems. Tsebo feels so strongly about quality, that we have made quality management, a vital part of individual employee performance management.

Our global standards across operational procedures and management enable us to deliver the highest quality services and provide clients with absolute assurance.



Tsebo is a reliable partner in managing operational, financial and reputational risk for its clients. Creating a risk-managed workplace is integral to the Tsebo client experience.

Our robust risk processes, together with our footprint across the Middle East and extensive local experience enables our clients to focus, without distraction, on their core priorities. Leading multinationals trust Tsebo every day to identify, quantify and mitigate risk on their behalf.

Tsebo applies the principles of King IV to such an extent as to make risk management not only a reporting and oversight obligation, but a management discipline. Whatever the challenge, we have the know-how to shield our clients from all forms of corporate risk and keep operations going at peak performance.



We have led the way for decades in customer centricity by listening closely to our customers and employing market leading methodologies for the services and solutions we develop. Our approach to customer satisfaction is simple, we go beyond just providing workplace management solutions – we truly care about the success of our customers business and therefore, do everything in our power to improve the productivity of their workplaces.

Tsebo has mechanisms in place to proactively seek and measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis. We annually conduct approximately 1,500 customer satisfaction surveys and 150 in-depth customer interviews to understand how our customers feel about our people and our services. We measure relentlessly, analyse in-depth, respond proactively and use insights to drive innovation.

Our employees, managers and frontline, are trained to become an extension of our customers everyday business operations, which allows them to always be in touch with our customers’ needs. This deep-seated comprehension, together with real-time metrics and insights, allows Tsebo to understand our clients’ business drivers, internal culture and growth strategy, which in turn propels us to constantly innovate processes and solutions, offering clients lower cost, risk and complexity.



As a people-based service provider, our business model is based on the skills and knowledge of our people. Our intellectual property is their capability. This mantra is entrenched in our Tsebo purpose statement:  WE DEVELOP PEOPLE, TO SERVE PEOPLE, TO UPLIFT SOCIETY.

We invest in skills to deliver the highest quality services to our customers, and to give our people greater opportunity. We strive to ensure that everyone who works for us gains skills for a better life.

Our in-house Tsebo Skills Academy provides skills training and management-training programmes for over 20,000 employees annually. Over 330 Middle and Senior Managers have completed our GIBS Senior Manager Development Programme, since its inception in 2009, which aims to develop advanced management skills as well as analytical and creative decision-making competencies.

Tsebo’s sustainable skills development initiatives goes beyond our own employees - we UPLIFT the communities in which we operate, and society at large. The Tsebo Supplier and Enterprise development programme focuses on providing small businesses with the skills needed to enable growth, viability and financially sound SMME’s. We recruit and train previously unemployed people from our local communities and upskill them for formal employment. Approximately 80% of these recruits are adopted through our formal recruitment process.



Our significant footprint across Africa Middle East means that the economic and social impact of our operations reaches well beyond our working environment and affects the lives of millions of people. Corporate social investment (CSI) is therefore a key focus area in every country we operate in and central to our sustainable business model across the region.

While we support many worthy causes that aid society’s most vulnerable, our purpose and the true strength of our social outreach programmes lays in creating a meaningful difference through investing in people and developing sustainable local skills. Tsebo has an intrinsic passion for DEVELOPING people, in order to UPLIFT society at large. We strive to enhance community potential by partnering with local communities through a participative approach that integrates them into our value chain and creates strong, quality local suppliers.

Therefore, our main CSI focus areas revolves around skills development, youth employment, SMME & Rural Enterprise Development, job creation and entrepreneurship support. Here is a snapshot of some of the key projects that we support:


The Tsebo Foundation was established in honour of the Group’s 40th anniversary. A Section 21 not-for-profit company, the Foundation conducts the corporate social outreach for the Group as a whole.

With a dedicated team that operates on behalf of an independent Board of Trustees from within and outside of Tsebo, the Foundation oversees, manages and governs all charitable activity across the Group, ensuring effective management and channelling of funds, as well as a centralised reporting framework.

Overseen by Tsebo’s Social Ethics and Transformation Committee, the Foundation fulfils two mandates – entrepreneurship development and community support. This ranges from establishing SMME suppliers in rural areas, supporting nominated charities with food and running costs, running the Group’s HIV and Wellness programme, and partnering with clients in connected CSI programmes.

Our Focus – Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs. We specialise in initiatives that enable people to support themselves, employ others, build community roots and create economic stability.

The Foundation is open to Tsebo clients and partners as a transparent outlet for coordinated CSI investments.