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Decades of partnership with leading resort
chains and independent groups, delivering
customised industry solutions.


Tsebo understands that guest perceptions are highly influenced by the appeal of the facilities, and that the tiniest imperfections are noticed and not easily forgotten.

Our leisure solutions division focuses on the smallest aspects of guest experiences – to us, a small blown bulb in the reception area is a priority-one fault and a guest bed turndown, a critical service line item. The leisure industry is not a “steady-state” operation; its operating model must withstand the constant fluctuations in demand, and the facilities solution must seamlessly adapt to changes in occupancy levels impacting on the cost per room. Our scalable solutions deliver this.

Guest experiences are everything. Our operational practices are designed to be completely unobtrusive – maintenance happens after hours, and our staff are trained in sensitive guest interactions.

Leisure is a high-capex environment and much of it is highly sensitive. A simple discipline like controlling and minimising power fluctuations can dramatically reduce damage and costly maintenance. Our staff training focuses on the management of guest relations under pressure – managing the customer’s emotions in every interaction. Tsebo carries its clients’ brand experience in leisure with pride. Your guests are our guests.