We are the workplace management solutions provider company, that supports the best companies across the Middle East.


We have the local expertise and global standards to offer our clients services and solutions that improve workplace productivity and supports their success.




Delivering comprehensive solutions that
meet the precise needs of motor
manufacturers, commodity processors,
petrochemical plants, consumer goods
producers and pharmaceutical providers for
over 20 years.


Tsebo supports manufacturing plants in many industries, and understands how production differs between food and vehicles, chemicals and electronics. Our teams traditionally work outside the line, but closely support client technical teams to ensure zero production disruption.

The Tsebo difference is that our process framework is completely tailored for each type of factory or plant, so that it is unique to that site.

A production facility relies on its infrastructure. The simple maintenance and weatherproofing of the roof structure of a paint shop facility in a manufacturing plant is mission-critical to productivity. Manufacturing sites often use highly specialised equipment that requires careful looking after, such as nuclear welders sensitive to dust, or food processors vulnerable to contaminants. Tsebo ensures that conditions for optimal performance and quality are maintained.

We ensure that our teams continuously adhere to client safety protocols. We place huge emphasis on site induction, ongoing training and the maintenance of safety standards. Tsebo deploys integrated teams dedicated to our clients’ production efficiency, every hour, every shift.