Oil and Gas

We provide vital workplace support for people working in some of the most demanding terrains in Egypt, onboard Offshore rigs and Onshore rigs including remote sites and camps in the desert.

Our technical and logistical competence, commitment to health and safety and ability to effectively mobilize contracts have earned us an enviable reputation for providing fully integrated food and support services for oil and gas companies and locations.

Business and Industry

Companies now understand the vital importance of providing good healthy meals to their staff as a key factor to employee satisfaction and motivation. Our customers choose Tsebo Egypt for our ability to deliver quality catering to a diverse range of tastes and dietary requirements.

Whether our client’s premises allow for onsite operation of restaurants and cafeterias or whether there is a need for ready meals to be delivered to a location, we are ready to provide the most relevant and innovative solution.

 Health Care

We believe that our clients are our partners and therefore, we care for their patients and staff as much as they do. Our chefs and supporting staff are highly skilled and have an inherent understanding for the demanding and stringent standards that go hand-in-hand with hospital catering.

We believe that a well-balanced, healthy meal plan that is customised to the patient’s dietary requirements, is a major contributing factor towards a quick recovery and sustained wellbeing. We therefore ensure that the patient’s nutritional requirements and experience are prioritised during the recovery process.

Tsebo ensures that the highest possible standards of hygiene and quality are monitored at every stage of procurement process, and cleanliness in work and service areas, including staff uniform and personal appearance, is a top priority.


Many children consume at least half of their meals at school, and for many children, food served at school may be the only food they regularly eat. A young person’s body and brain development is inexorably linked to the quality of nutrition they receive.

Tsebo has over 30 years of experience in creating memorable and innovative nutritional experiences for students. Our catering products are designed to work in conjunction with educational materials to educate learners on healthy eating.

We pride ourselves in providing students with a wide range of modern and healthy meal options, packed with great value and nutritional goodness. We can cater for the student’s individual needs, ranging from special dietary requirements to special sports nourishment programmes.

Sports and Leisure

With our high foodservice, unrivalled hospitality and service excellence, we have built up an enviable reputation in the sports and leisure sector.
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