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Our People are our biggest asset

We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service. Tsebo Egypt has a special organizational culture of great people, great service, great results that has a tangible impact on the service delivered to our clients. All of our service staff for the catering, cleaning and laundry service are of Egyptian ethnicity. Upon this basis, Tsebo has put in place a number of strategies to secure the best people in the market for the services we offer. The training, development and empowerment of our local staff is key to to the success of our business and our customer-driven training programmes ensures that our customers needs are met at every level.

We pay our Egyptian staff above market salaries on time. We invest in a ‘Can-Do’ attitude and culture with our employees that in turn impacts positively on their work performance. We ensure that our staff are all transported safely and have suitable living conditions.

Working Here – We only employ the best people

We are a people business. Strong values, ethical and a commitment to the creation of innovative services to our customers are at the centre of our workplace culture, but it’s our employees who make Tsebo come alive! Through positive and respectful relationships with co-workers, customers and with the communities where they live and work, employees have created an environment where pride, excellence, opportunities to develop and grow a meaningful career are the key attributes. We seek team players who are looking for a dynamic working environment that fosters continuous learning.

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